In the period from November 8, 2021 to December 4, 2021, teaching activities were held on modules A. (Sustainable agriculture) and C (Climate-smart agriculture technologies and practices in soil and water management).

Participants from Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in the modules.

25 participants applied for module A, and 15 of them successfully completed the module, while there were 26 participants in module C, and 15 of them successfully completed the module. Participants received a certificate as confirmation of successful completion of the module.

Assoc. Prof. Mirza Uzunović (UNSA), Assoc. Prof. Čadro Sabrija (UNSA) and Phd Ognjen Žurovec (Teagasc) participated in module A as teachers.  A total of 9 hours of teaching material were recorded on this module, while part of the teaching was held directly (6 hours). At the end, the participants took a test to confirm the acquired knowledge.

On the module C, the teachers were Prof. Monika Marković (UNIOS) and Assoc. Prof. Čadro Sabrija (UNSA). Over 14 hours of video lectures were recorded. At the end of the module, the participants chose the topics of their work assignments and through two direct meetings on December 17 and 20, 2021, they presented their work assignments to the teachers and colleagues in the module.

By completing the module, most of the participants agreed to be part of an alumni network whose plan is to continue working on similar ideas, joint research and projects in the future. So now after two years of MEET project this network reached a number of 80 members.

Modules B (Climate change and its impact on people and natural systems), D (Sustainable land and water management) and E (Drought in a changing environment) will start in the spring of next year.

Participants who were awarded a certificate by modules:

A: Sustainable agriculture (15)

Zlatni: Bernisa Klepo, Arijana Mušić, Aida Hadžihasanović, Mirela Mujkić

Srebreni: Borna Sačerić, Emir Delić, Benjamin Crljenković, Ajdin Halilić

Bronzani: Nermina Hasičević, Tarik Kantić, Imran Muharemović, Ajdin Avdović, Emina Vlahovljak, Nedeljka Imamović, Hana Husejnagić

C: Climate-smart agriculture technologies and practices in soil and water management (15)

Zlatni: Helena Ereš, Ana Stanušić, Selma Mulalic, Jovana Todorović, Armin Burkić, Marija Spišić, Antonija Hunjet, Marina Marinić, Kristina Grgošević, Nikolina Kosić, Pezo Dželila,

Srebreni: Ivan Rastija, Karolina Som, Belma Osmanagić

Bronzani: Sanja Kahvedžić




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