Module A
Sustainable agriculture
Doc. dr Sabrija Čadro
dr Ognjen Žurovec
Doc. dr Mirza Uzunović

The lecture is intended for: Bachelor level
Time period: 08. March 2021 – 09. April 2021
Form: 5 weeks, 3 hours per week (15h)
Teaching methods: Video presentations and interactions via the google meet application
Maximum number of participants: 25
Moodle course link: link

Teaching unitNo. hoursTeacherWeek2020/21
1Sustainable agriculture and rural livelihoods1Žurovec O.I08. March 2021
12. March 2021
2Agricultural innovation system1Čadro S.
3Disaster risk reduction and basic principles disaster risk management1Čadro S.
4Sustainable land management, EU Soil Protection Policy, environmental governance.3Žurovec O.II15 March 2021
19. March 2021
5Agro-ecosystems and biodiversity management1Čadro S.III22. March 2021
26. March 2021
6Sustainable water resource management2Čadro S.
7Markets and value chains for small producers. Designing and maintaining urban food systems based on smart cities principles, using technology and big data in assuring stable food distribution systems.3Uzunović M.IV29. March 2021
02. April 2021
8Participatory approaches to rural appraisal based on FAOs SOCIO-Economic and Gender Analysis (SAGA) Programme3Uzunović M.V05. April 2021
09. April 2021
 Evaluation: Activities during classes and final test15   

Understanding the basic concept of sustainability with special focus on sustainable agriculture and environment protection. Students will learn about the environmental impact of agricultural production in BiH and the EU. All additional information can be obtained by contacting Doc. dr Sabrija Čadro via the Moodle course page or by e-mail: