Module E

Drought in a changing environment

Teacher: Prof. Dr. Milan Gocić

The training course is intended for Bachelor, master and Ph.D. levels

Form: 5 weeks, 4 hours per week (20h)

Teaching methods: Video presentations and interactions via the Google Meet application

Maximum number of participants: 25

Moodle course link: link

Teaching unitNo. hoursTeacherWeek
1Natural hazards2Gocić M.I
2Climatological parameters2
3Drought vs. temperature and precipitation2Gocić M.II
4Drought as a concept2
5Drought quantification2Gocić M.III
6Drought indices2
7European policies influencing the management of droughts2Gocić M.IV
8Drought risk management, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction2
9Drought risk assessment2Gocić M.V
10Good practices and learned lessons across Europe in preventing and managing water scarcity2
Evaluation: Presentation

At the end of the course, the students should be able to quantify drought using historical weather time series. Students will acquire new knowledge through exploring the synergies between different EU reports focusing on droughts and water scarcity. All additional information can be obtained by contacting Prof. dr Milan Gocić via the Moodle course page or by e-mail:

Participants of module E who were awarded a certificate

Cycle I: 2020/2021

Ajdin Halilić, Neijra Jordamović, Daniel Rašić, Semiha Damjanović, Samra Arnaut, Adela Mujić, Almir Alić, Emir Šahinović, Amina Kasapović

Cycle II: 2021/2022

Pezo Dželila, Emina Vlahovljak, Nedžada Zahirović, Borna Sačerić, Dejana Dumanovic, Belma Osmanagić, Ermina Ćehić, Ivana Zegnal

Cycle III: 2022/2023

Adnan Hadžić, Antonija Kojić, Adna Hadžić, Mirza Valjevac, Alen Pavlović, Edna Gušo, Emir Delić