Module “Sustainable soil and water management – D” lasted from March 7th, 2023, to April 21st, 2023, while modules “Climate Change and its impact on human and natural systems – B” and “Drought in a changing environment – E” lasted from April 10th, 2023, to May 25th, 2023. Participants from Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in the modules.

In the third cycle of module B, we had 31 participants, of which 16 completed the module. Module D had 28 applicants, with 15 of them successfully completing the module, while Module E had 13 applicants, with seven successfully completing the module.

An additional activity of the MEET project is the development of the alumni network of participants. After the completion of all three cycles of education, this network counts 124 members! Of this number, 88 members are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 28 are from Croatia, five are from Serbia, and three are from Montenegro. Interestingly, 75% of all members are women, and 25% are men.

As lecturers within module D, Doc. Dr. Sabrija Čadro, Prof. Dr. Monika Marković, and Doc. Dr. Mirza Uzunović participated. A total of over 15 hours of teaching material were recorded for this module, while part of the teaching was conducted live (4 hours). After completing the lessons, participants took a test to confirm their acquired knowledge.

In module B, the instructors were Dr. Ognjen Žurovec and Doc. Dr. Sabrija Čadro. Over 20 hours of video lectures were recorded. Knowledge assessment was done through a test.

Module E was led by Prof. Dr. Milan Gocić. The module had over 20 hours of teaching material, as well as more than 4 hours spent on student presentations and discussions.

D: Sustainable soil and water management (15)

Adnan Hadžić, Jasmina Stevanović, Adna Hadžić, Sanita Džino, Dželila Pezo, Antonija Kojić, Nermina Hasičević, Emir Delić, Mirza Valjevac, Lara Kajan, Irhad Topovčić, Imran Muharemović, Dika Šabanović, Meksida Ramić, Sanja Ljubojević

B: Climate Change and its impact on human and natural systems (16)

Belma Osmanagić Velagić, Katarina Marić, Lamija Subašić, Melanie Imre, Mirjana Đundić, Azira Hrnjica, Maksida Ramić, Sumedina Spahic – Vukojevic, Edna Gušo, Muhamed Lemeš, Ermina Ćehić, Jovan Jezdimirović, Mirela Kurtović, Berina Omerdić, Davud Odobašić, Aida Šabić

E: Drought in a changing environment (7)

Adnan Hadžić, Antonija Kojić, Adna Hadžić, Mirza Valjevac, Alen Pavlović, Edna Gušo, Emir Delić




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