Start: 01-10-2020 – End: 30-09-2023
Project Reference: 621118-EPP-1-2020-1-BA-EPPJMO-MODULE
EU Grant: 21.420 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Jean Monnet Activities
Action Type: Jean Monnet Academic Modules

Module “Modern techniques to ensure environmental sustainability in Eastern Europe” acronym MEET, aims first to teach and then to promote the application of European Union (EU) practices for conserving natural resources while achieving sustainable development.

The main objective of the module is to improve capacity building and raise awareness of the environmental protection importance in public and private sector through the long-term educational process at HEI in Eastern Europe.

It is an original module at the University of Sarajevo and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Based on EU practices related to environmental sustainability and disaster risk reduction management, the module uses modern techniques to transfer knowledge, encourage participants to work within intercultural setting and gives its students opportunity to become an active and productive agent of change.

The main objectives of the module are:

  1. to develop a new curriculum in relation to EU practices in environmental sustainability and disaster risk reduction management;
  2. to develop a comprehensive, but user-friendly software for environmental analysis and water management;
  3. to build the capacity of the research community in Eastern Europe to address environmental protection related issues;

to raise awareness of the general public and policymakers in Eastern European countries on global environmental challenges and importance of environmental protection in sustainable development.