Module D

Sustainable soil and water management


Doc. dr Sabrija Čadro

Prof. dr Monika Marković

Doc. dr Mirza Uzunović

The lecture is intended for: PhD level

Time period: 08. March 2021 – 09. April 2021

Form: 5 weeks, 3 hours per week (15h)

Teaching methods: Video presentations and interactions via the google meet application

Maximum number of participants: 5

Moodle course link: link

Teaching unitNo. hoursTeacherWeek2020/21
1The importance of water. Water in the soil. Instrumental techniques and methods to monitoring the movement of water in the soil2Marković M.I08. March 2021
12. March 2021
2Using different sensors to monitor microclimatic parameters and soil humidity1Marković M.
3Using remote sensing and computer techniques in water management. Use of Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and photogrammetry in agriculture. Image processing software tools1Čadro S.II15 March 2021
19. March 2021
4The concept of drought, ways to determine it, software solutions1Marković M.
5Application of special models and modern software in irrigation practice. Development of farmer guided tools for water management and application – irrigation calendars1Čadro S.
6Basics of software development3Uzunović M.III22. March 2021
26. March 2021
7Surplus water management (needs and methods)2Marković M.IV29. March 2021
02. April 2021
8Agricultural soil erosion issues – soil susceptibility to erosion processes1Čadro S.
9Techniques for measuring and monitoring erosion processes1Čadro S.V05. April 2021
09. April 2021
10Mathematical models for erosion estimation and spatial representation (GIS)1Čadro S.
11Control of erosion processes1Uzunović M.
 Evaluation: quiz15   

After the lecture’s participants will be able to conduct independent research on the topic of sustainable management of soil and water resources. The acquired knowledge and experience in the application of software, their development, the use of UAVs (drones) and the spatial presentation of the obtained data will provide a strong foundation for their further professional development in the modern world. All additional information can be obtained by contacting Doc. dr Sabrija Čadro via the Moodle course page or by e-mail: