Module B

Climate Change and its impact on human and natural systems


dr Ognjen Žurovec

Doc. dr Sabrija Čadro

The lecture is intended for: Bachelor level

Form: 5 weeks, 3 hours per week (15h)

Teaching methods: Video presentations and interactions via the google meet application

Maximum number of participants: 15

Moodle course link: link

Teaching unitNo. hoursTeacherWeek
1Climate Change basic concepts. Examples of climate change observed in BiH, EU and globally.3Čadro S.I
2Agriculture as a victim and a cause of climate change3Žurovec O.II
3The impact of climate change on water resources1Čadro S.III
4Vulnerability of human and natural systems to climate change2Žurovec O.
5Climate Change adaptation and mitigation. Climate change mitigation policies and measures in the EU3Žurovec O.IV
6Disaster risk reduction. Flood risk assessment. Soil conservation and erosion prevention3Čadro S.V
 Evaluation: Final test15   

Understanding what climate change is and what are the social and environmental impacts. Students will become aware of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures that they can promoted as good EU practice. Also, there will find out how to have agricultural production that is adapted to climate change while negative impact on the environment is minimized. All additional information can be obtained by contacting dr Ognjen Žurovec via the Moodle course page or by e-mail: