In the period from March 8, 2021 to May 14, 2021, teaching activities were held for 5 modules within the MEET project.
More than 70 hours of video material were recorded during these two months, several online presentations were organized, and more than 30 didactic materials in local and English were created.

Participants from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in the modules.
Out of 83 registered participants, 50 of them completed the module and were awarded a certificate of completion of the module.

By the end of the module, most of the participants agreed to be part of an alumni network whose plan is to continue working on similar ideas, joint research and projects in the future.
The second cycle starts in November this year, and applications will be open from October.

Participants who were awarded a certificate by modules:

Sustainable agriculture (17)
Adna Čajdin, Zerina Ogrić, Elvedin Alić, Zejneba Mahmutović, Faruk Hadžić, Olivera Lučić, Ante Bubalo, Branka Janko, Adnan Jašarević, Iris Starčević, Alen Pavlović, Lejla Hećimović, Fata Jašarević, Amina Kasapović, Amina Hasagić, Milana Đermanović, Edina Ramljak

Climate Change and its impact on human and natural systems (12)
Dino Mešinović, Nina Peleksić, Elvedin Alić, Faruk Hadžić, Alen Pavlović, Amina Hasagić
Alina Omanović, Fata Jašarević, Lejla Hećimović, Zejneba Mahmutović, Adnan Jašarević, Nikolina Stojanović

Climate-smart agriculture technologies and practices in soil and water management (9)
Dino Mešinović, Emina Vlahovljak, Emina Čakić, Mirela Mujkić, Aleksandar Vasilić, Benjamin Crljenković, Borna Sačerić, Semiha Damjanović, Nermina Hasičević

Sustainable soil and water management (3)
Helena Žalac, Alina Omanović, Goran Herman

Drought in a changing environment (9)
Ajdin Halilić, Neijra Jordamović, Daniel Rašić, Semiha Damjanović, Samra Arnaut, Adela Mujić, Almir Alić, Emir Šahinović, Amina Kasapović




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